Are the kits listed on your website the only models you sell?

A: No! The website lists only the ATTIC kits we have for sale. We also have a wide variety resin kits by other manufacturers as well as rare vintage kits and modern kits by the major manufacturers. This stock is constantly changing so it is impractical to list individual items on the website. However, we will gladly sell these to you. If you want a particular item, especially if it is 1/48 scale, we probably have it. Just email ryan@atticaircraft.com with a list of what you want and we'll reply with our selling prices. We even have stuff you've never heard of, like a resin 1/48 KC-135 and a 1/48 McDonnell F3H-G missing link between the Demon and Phantom II, or a 1/48 Dassault Mirage G variable-geometry fighter and a Chrysler Jupiter IRBM. It never hurts to ask!

What kind of timeline can I expect on my order?

A: Many of our ATTIC kits are in stock, but others may be special orders. In some cases you may receive your kit within one week of making payment, but in all cases we promise to mail your kit within 30 days of receiving your payment. If we cannot meet this goal, we will refund your payment unless you agree to different conditions.

How does the summer weather affect resin?

A: We ship our kits via the U.S. Postal Service. In the summer months, your kit may be exposed to elevated temperatures in delivery trucks, warehouses, even in your mailbox. If your kit becomes warm enough, parts may become plyable and warp. This is easily corrected by placing the affected part in boiling water and restoring its original shape.

What do you mean by experienced modelers?

A: Building our kits may require you to remove flash and stubs or trees, sand parts to proper thickness, and assemble parts using CA glue. Resin parts must be washed to remove mold release coatings and must be properly primed in order to accept paint. Many of our conversion kits require you to cut apart styrene parts from the donor kit and splice in our resin parts. Doing these things in such a way as to create a high-quality model may require a higher level of skill than that posessed by a novice modeler.

Why do some pieces have more flash?

A: Flash occurs when resin leaks through joints in the mold. We normally remove most of the flash but may leave some flash around tiny parts that could be damaged during mass-production flash removal. We leave that delicate work to the skilled modeler. We sometimes also intentionally leave some flash around tiny parts to protect them during shipment. Use an Exacto knife to trim around these parts and release them from the flash.

Why don't you provide a box for the kits other than the box it is shipped in?

A: In the interest of minimizing the price you must pay for our kits, we have eliminated boxes and labels in most cases. This saves you about $5 per kit.

What type of glue should I use?

A: Use CA glue (super glue) on all our kits.

What can I expect when working with a resin conversion kit and a plastic kit?

A: When splicing resin parts into plastic donor kit pieces, I like to use extra CA glue, then file down the excess with a metal file to achieve a smooth joint between the parts. Then, if necessary, I rescribe any panel lines I may have obliterated. When joined this way, the parts are as strong as the styrene original. When washed and properly primed, they can be painted and weathered like any styrene kit to create a showpiece model. Check out some of the photos sent in by our customers to see how good these kits can look when finished.

Resin Conversion Kits