Attic Aircraft

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ATTIC is an acronym meaning Advanced Teaching Technology In Classrooms. ATTIC, Inc. was formed in 2004 as an umbrella organization for a number of activities related to educational technology, mostly dealing with aerospace engineering and aircraft design education. Aircraft models are extremely good visual aids for aircraft design classrooms. And 1/48 scale is an ideal scale for these models, allowing them to be big enough to be seen from all parts of the classroom, yet small enough to allow size comparisons between Piper Cubs and C-130s. Unfortunately, many important aircraft designs are not currently modeled in 1/48 scale.

Enter ATTIC with a resin model aircraft division. Recognizing that these models would also be of interest to the larger modeling community, we offer selected kits as it becomes feasible to produce them. We hope the name ATTIC Aircraft Models will become synonymous with excellence in resin models of important and innovative aircraft.

Resin Conversion Kits